03 June 2009

The Pope Declares Ex Cathedra.

This very post marks the beginning of the new literary magazine, Ex Cathedra.

Submission Guidelines

The Editors of Ex Cathedra Literary Magazine seek the finest unpublished poetry and prose.

- - -

Ex Cathedra is by no means a religious literary magazine. In fact, it is much more of an unholy magazine, never traditional and always unique in its modernity. Religious submissions, or any submissions favoring one religion or god, are highly discouraged, though not blatantly uninvited. Overtly offensive or obscene literature will not be considered. The Editors reserve the right to select what they feel deserves to be published in Ex Cathedra. The Editors are very strict on the Submission Guidelines. Queries are unacceptable. The Editors discard queries like it’s their job.

Submissions for poetry and prose will be reviewed if sent to fromthechair@gmail.com. Writers must include a short biography in the e-mail (a laundry list of publications will not be accepted), as well as copy-and-paste the literature into the body text of the e-mail, as they would like to see the work(s) appear in publication. The Editors will not open any e-mail submissions with attachments. In fact, for every one (1) submission they receive containing an attachment, the Editors will refuse to recycle paper for an entire week. Only original, unpublished work will be considered for publication in Ex Cathedra. Simultaneous submissions are not acceptable, as response time is within two (2) to four (4) weeks. Unsolicited submissions are always welcome, since new voices are always appreciated.

Poetry submissions should be clearly identified, with the e-mail subject line reading "Poetry Submission: Author's Last Name, Author's First Name." The limit for Poetry submissions is five (5) poems per submission, regardless of length.

Prose submissions should also be clearly identified, more specifically as either fiction or non-fiction, with the e-mail subject reading "Fiction/Non-Fiction Submission: Author's Last Name, Author's First Name." The limit for Fiction/Non-Fiction submissions is one (1) piece of prose per submission, and a maximum of forty (40) double-spaced pages.

Ex Cathedra obtains first North American rights upon publication, and reserves the right to publish the works in anthologies, as well as maintain the works in electronic and print archives. All rights revert to the authors upon publication in Ex Cathedra, and the works can then be subsequently published, though the Editors ask that Ex Cathedra receives appropriate credit as the place of initial publication. Ex Cathedra publishes only the finest works of established writers, alongside the finest works of emerging writers. Ex Cathedra is currently unable to offer any financial compensation or incentive for submissions or accepted work, though the Editors will do their best to promote all of the authors published in Ex Cathedra.

Submissions to Ex Cathedra are considered year-round, on a rolling basis, and do not generally follow any specific genre, theme, or topic. Ex Cathedra is published every three (3) months—January, April, July, and October. Only the finest and most exceptional work will be accepted, though persistence is highly encouraged. Good luck, and do stay tuned for more utterly remarkable literature.


The Editors.
Ex Cathedra Literary Magazine.
New York, NY.


His Infallible Self,

The Pope.

“Signed by the Pope’s own hand.”