19 July 2009

The Pope Uses Twitter.

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14 July 2009

The Pope Expands His Campaign.

Below is the link to the website that contains the PDF version of the publication. It is available for Downloading, Viewing, and Embedding. Do spread the word, if you possess the necessary means. Thank you.


11 July 2009

The Pope Announces His Witnesses to the First Doctrine.

Ex Cathedra welcomes its First Doctrine writers. The issue is released tomorrow, promptly at 2 PM.


Aleah Sato .
Yin Yin Lu .
Nader Nouraee .
matthew savoca .
RC Miller .
J. Sullivan .
Jason Fisk .
Brad Liening .
Ani Smith .
Zoe Alexandra .
Kerryn Potgieter .


Brad Green .
Vanja Kovacic .
Kendra Grant Malone .
Barry Graham .
Katie Moore .
Vaughan Simons .