06 June 2009

The Pope Invokes the First Doctrine: Ex Cathedra's Debut Issue.

Submissions are currently being accepted and reviewed for The First Doctrine: Ex Cathedra's Debut Issue.

Remember, the Editors of Ex Cathedra work hard to maintain their response time of 2 to 4 weeks, and thus simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Unsolicited submissions are welcome. Please adhere to the Submission Guidelines and e-mail all submissions to fromthechair@gmail.com.

As of now, numerous established and emerging authors have sent their finest work for consideration into the first issue (a reminder that issues will be called "doctrines" in the case of Ex Cathedra). It appears that the Editors are busy selecting the appropriate works for publication, though they encourage emerging writers to submit, since new voices are always appreciated. The issue is due to appear sometime in July or August of 2009, and it is free of charge to all people who can read.


The Editors.